Best Security Apps for Smartphones

Prabhu.N March 16, 2014 0

Best Security Apps for Smartphones Best Security Apps for Smartphones

To protect against Malwares or virus: One of the important reason why more and more people are turning towards Smartphone i.e. they allow third party applications. Especially among the youngsters who are deadly fans of these android apps. Android market provides thousands of free and paid apps to Smartphone users and they can effortlessly download them. These third party download has raised the concern for security. Because sometimes third party downloads contains malware or nasty virus which can affect our Smartphone working. To protect your confidential information these are very handy, convenient, beside the mark looks, sophisticated we can carry them everywhere and their authority makes them dangerous. Suppose if your phone is hacked or stolen your whole information is in danger. These may be your Private pictures, conversation, emails, and passwords and may be your bank account no that can get you into hot water.


List of Best Security Apps for Smartphones:

AVG Mobile Security or Antivirus:

This security app not only provides protection against malwares or nasty viruses and remove them completely, but also deliver some extraordinary features like an automatic backup, assist in locating and finding if your phone is lost or stolen through Google maps, murder the tasks that reduces its efficiency and scans unnecessary files or data to provide enough space for storage.


A very reliable app for people involving in bank related transaction through their Smartphone. It is an online bank which completely offers protection when comes to security of confidential information like your email and password. One can use it to make or receive online payments.


It is one step forward means to say that it not only offers protection against malwares or nasty viruses, create automatic backup, assist in locating phones through Google maps. On the contrary it provides remote access from the computer and options to block other operational browsers etc.

Online privacy shield:

When we download third party apps, we accept their all sorts of agreements which even include permission to access our covert information. This app will clearly mention the information that is being accessed and ask your permission before letting someone access your information.

Kaspersky internet security:

It is among the latest mobile security technologies provides protection against viruses, spywares, malwares, Trojans etc. One can manage his anti-theft web portal using a personal online account and protects you from unwanted Text and call.

Screen lock patterns:

One having a Smartphone must be using this app. It helps to lock the screen and can be opened through designing the same pattern that has been set up. Not only screen one can stop access to his gallery, videos anything he wants to conceal by setting up a screen lock pattern.

G cloud backup:

The easiest and most reliable app to provide protection to your messages, contacts, call details, documents, settings , your password, photos, videos to safe cloud location. After this app one needs not to be cautious about damaging, losing etc. It can save up to 10 GB of memory.

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