Why am addicted to internet,text messaging ?

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Why we’re all addicted to Texts, Twitter, Facebook and Google ? Do you ever felt like you’re addicted to internet activities like email or twitter , Facebook and text messaging on mobile phones ? does anybody realize it not possible to ignore your email if you see that there are messages in your inbox? does one assume that if you may ignore your incoming email or messages you may truly be able to get one thing done at work? you’re right!

The culprit is dopamine

Dopamine was discovered in 1958 by Arvid Carlsson and Nils-Ake Hillarp at the National Heart Institute of Sweden. dopamine is formed in numerous elements of the brain and is essential altogether kinds of brain functions, as well as thinking, sleeping,moving, mood, attention, motivation,reward and seeking.

Pleasure vs. seeking


You’ll have detected that dopamine controls the “pleasure” systems of the brain: that dopamine causes you to feel enjoyment, pleasure, and so motivates you to hunt out sure behaviors, like food, sex, and drugs. Recent analysis is ever-changing this read. rather than dopamine inflicting you to expertise pleasure, the most recent analysis shows that dopamine causes seeking behavior. dopamine causes you to require, desire, seek out, and search. It will increase your general level of arousal and your purposeful behavior. From an organic process stand-point this is often essential. The dopamine seeking system keeps you impelled to move through your world, learn, and survive. it isn’t concerning physical desires like food, or sex, however additionally regarding abstract ideas. dopamine interested by inquisitive about ideas and fuels your looking for data. analysis shows that it’s the opioidsystem (separate from dopamine) that creates us feel pleasure.

Wanting vs. liking

Consistent with researcher Kent Berridge, these two systems, the “wanting” (dopamine) and therefore the “liking” (opioid) are gifts. The wanting system drives you to do action and the feeling system causes you to feel happy and so pause you’re seeking. If you’re seeking is not turned off a minimum of for a bit whereas, then you begin to run in an infinite loop. The dopamine system is harder than the opioid system. You tend to hunt over your glad. Evolution again— seeking is a lot of probably to stay you alive than sitting around during a happy stupor.

Dopamine loops

With the internet, twitter, and texting you currently have virtually instant gratification of your need to hunt. need to speak to somebody right away? Send a text and that they respond during a few seconds. need to seem up some information? simply kind your request into google. need to examine what your colleagues are up to? go to connected In. it is easy to induce during a dopamine influenced loop. dopamine initiates you seeking, then you get rewarded for the seeking that causes you to seek a lot of. It becomes tougher and tougher to prevent checking email, stop texting, or stop checking your mobile phone to check if you’ve got a message or a brand new text.

More, more, a lot of

Apparently brain scan analysis shows that the brain has a lot of activity once folks are anticipating a gift than obtaining one. Analysis on rats shows that if you destroy dopamine neurons , rats will walk, chew, and swallow, however can starve to death even once food is correct next to them. they need lost the anticipation and need to travel get the food. though wanting and feeling area unit connected, analysis conjointly shows that the dopamine system does not have satiety in-built. it’s doable for the dopamine system to stay language “much more”, imposes you to stay seeking even once you have found the data. how many times have you ever looked for one thing on google, found the solution, and nonetheless notice a half hour later that you simply are still online longing for a lot of information?

Unpredictability is essential

Dopamine is additionally stirred by unpredictability. once one thing happens that’s not precisely predictable , that stimulates the dopamine . Our internet activities like Facebook , twitters, email and texts show up, however you do not apprehend precisely after they can, or who they’ll be from. It’s unpredictable. this is often precisely what stimulates the dopamine system. (For those of you reading this who area unit “old school” psychologists, you’ll bear in mind ” dynamic reinforcement will have schedules”. dopamine is troubled in different reinforcement schedules. one more reason these schedules are thus powerful).

Pavlovian cues

The dopamine system is very sensitive to “cues” that a gift is returning. If there’s a little, specific cue that signifies that one thing goes to happen, that spark our dopamine system. thus once there’s a sound once a text message or email arrives, or a visible cue, that enhances the addictive result.

140 characters is even a lot of addictive

Therefore the dopamine system is most powerfully excited once the data coming back in is tiny so it does not full satisfy. a brief text or twitter (can solely be one hundred forty characters!) is ideally suited to send your dopamine system raging.

Not without costs

This constant stimulation of the dopamine system may be exhausting. and therefore the constant shift of attention makes it arduous to induce something accomplished. are you able to do something to induce out of a dopamine loop? Or stop entering into one within the initial place?

Turn off the cues

one in every of the foremost vital stuff you will do to stop or stop a dopamine loop, and be a lot of productive is to show off the cues. alter the settings on your mobile phone and on your laptop computer, desktop or pill in order that you do not receive the automated notifications. Automatic notifications area unit touted as terrific options of hardware, software, and apps. however they’re really inflicting you to be sort of rat during a cage. If you wish to induce work done you would like to show off as several auditory and visual cues as potential. it is the best way to stop and break the dopamine loops.

What does one think? however does one manage dopamine loops? are you willing to show off your cues?

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